Carpanelli Philosophy

Style Uniqueness

The recognizability of the Carpanelli Style is configured as a coherent experimentation that has its roots in the technical knowledge of the work of the finest woods that the Carpanelli family has handed down from a century of history.

A combination of tradition and innovation that comes from the wise use of high-quality materials, is today protagonist of the creativity of the architect. Giuseppe Carpanelli in an original project that conceives an idea of refined and exclusive furniture. Furniture that transmit us the ability to keep up with the times paying tribute to our origins.

“Fashion passes, style remains”

(Coco Chanel)

Our Structure

In Carpanelli are managed all the phases of furniture creation. The furniture production starts from the technical office that realizes all the inputs to be given to the “laboratory” and combines the artisan and manual skills with the efficiency of the numerically controlled machines.

Material Selection


The first phase of quality control, where the operators analyze the quality of veneer, solid and multi-layer slabs. The best essences are selected to create the inlays.

The main phase where the wooden panels are cut, folded and covered. In this phase the veneers and the inlays are created.
All parts of the furniture, from the design, take shape and color and then are sanded and uniformed.



This is the last step before assembling and packing the finished product. Several varnish passes are laid to give the final appearance. These treatments are aimed to preserving wood without altering its materiality and color.

The finished parts are assembled together with the other materials such as marble, glass, leather and metals. The parts are combined together thanks to joints and glues. After this phase we move on to packaging in shockproof materials to protect our precious products.

Our Showroom

The Carpanelli showroom represents the best location to appreciate the quality and style of our furnishing proposals.
It is possible to visit our company showroom by appointment.