Luxury is synonymous with exclusivity and uniqueness, research and combination of precious materials. For this Carpanelli opens the doors of its laboratory to the most complete customizations, our sales staff and the technical department are able to assist the customer in the choice and creation of the ‘Carpanelli price’.

This also applies to total-look projects where we are able to offer a truly turnkey product, proposing solutions in all areas of furniture: living, kitchen, night, decoration, etc.

Each design context is different from New York to Shanghai via London, Dubai and Singapore. The products are shaped and adapted according to the wishes of the designer or the client, always demonstrating Carpanelli’s interpretative ability to respond to the needs and dreams of those who will live in those places.


Carpanelli’s constant and careful research for fabrics and leathers makes the company a high fashion atelier. These materials are selected to be processed with wise originality. Special stitching and embroidery increase the value of each individual product.