Arianna – 2020 比赛

The Labyrinth of Arianna is a work of Italo Lanfredini and is part of Fiumara d’arte (Messina, Sicily): an open-air museum consisting of 12 great works of contemporary art. Geometric and at the same time suggestive and enveloping, its shape refers
to the first teachings of life and birth. The labyrinth is actually a large womb, which can be accessed to go in search of oneself and then be reborn. Characterized by the particular spiral shape, it consists of a wooden top inlaid with natural woods. It develops on two heights as if to represent the connection between two different temporal dimensions, the present and the past. The support structure derives from a game of subtraction of spaces and circular lines that characterize the entire project.

Designer: Clelia Liberti

IdeasxWood Contest – Carpanelli Prize, 2020 edition

尺寸: 103x103x44h