Wait — 2020 contest

The idea is born from the observation of an architecture that, caught by the frenzy of everyday life, we are not able to consider and enhance as we should do: the head bulding of Roma Termini station. Starting from the formal analysis of the structure, it was possible to identify the main element that distinguishes the architecture: the wavy shape of the projecting roof, revived also in the inside. Despite the soft and sinuous movement, s trong geometric rigor is not lacking. The idea was therefore to resume the wavy line of the architecture, making it become distinctive element of the piece of furniture. It was therefore decided to design a coffee table that would best express these concepts and at the same time would enhance the wood and its processing. Wait is the place where distant stories intertwine and speak to us, it is the waiting of a train that is leaving or of a person who is arriving. It is the suspended balance between temporary relationships and strong bonds that here are lost or found.

Designer: Alessandro  Torre — Isia Roma

IdeasxWood Contest — Carpanelli Prize, 2020 edition