Movimento’20 — 2020 contest

The inspiration for the project is the Futurist movement, a totally Italian historical avant-garde, which enhances modernity through the impetus of artistic doing. The great innovative themes of Futurism, speed, modernity and the constant search for dynamism give life to this project: the dynamic lines make Movimento’20 an agile and mobile object in all its parts. We find elliptical and oblique lines, a symbol of the rejection of stillness in favor of the dynamism typical of futurist projects, devoid of a simmettry classically understood. Movimento’20 is designed with a tilting movement, inspired by the simultaneity of vision, by virtue of which the observer is not statically passive, but becomes a witness of an action during its development. The support structure of Movimento’20 enhances the Canaletto walnut and is made with a single, large and rounded top, which optimizes the use of wood.

Designer: Paolo D’Alto, Giulio Matteo Mansi

IdeasxWood Contest — Carpanelli Prize, 2020 edition