Gae double Bookcase

Gae Modular Bookcase is inspired by the volumes of Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan. The materials used for the compositions are precious woods such as light Tay, Dark Tay, Canaletto Walnut, leather and metal. Different modular solutions can be studied using the various elements of various sizes such as the shelves of 130 and 220 cm, the curved and support elements, the metal elements available in gold-bronze finish and lead finish. It can also be used as a furnishing element in the center of the room.

Designer: Benedetta Pintus , Natalia Giribaldi , Ottavia Scarabelli – R&S Carpanelli

Winning project of the student category – IdeasxWood 2021 Contest, Carpanelli Prize.

Dimensions: cm 220 x 38 x190 h

Code: LB53