Optical Skin kitchen

A complete program for the kitchen area, allows to realise customize and highly equipped spaces. 

The high technology supports the production offering the possibility to create retractable elements with sliding doors systems with book closing.

The basis, the cabinets and the columns are realised in ecological wood (the panels are made with 100% water-resistant materials). On request it is possible to realise also battenboards.

THE DOORS AND THE FRONTS OF THE DRAWERS are distinguished by the masterful and exclusive wavy shape and the geometric inlay of Pama’s precious essence. They are available in different wood species and lacquers.

The DRAWERS are equipped with soft closing system. In the inside there are many modular accessories that allow to create a personal composition.

HANDLES are in metal in satin bronze finish (ME03).

HINGES are in burnished stainless steel with soft closing.

The front PLINTH is available in the height of 60 mm. On request other measures are available.

FEET are adjustable in height

The kitchen offers different types of integrated LIGHTING.

The proposed WORKTOP is in Nuvola Dark Quarzite marble, 30 mm thick. The supporting leg is in satin bronze finish (ME03).

We offer the possibility of having the SINK built with the same material as the worktop with combined TAPS.

THE APPLIANCES are each time proposed in the personalization of the kitchen itself with choices of the highest quality and the latest generation.

Dimensions: cm 302 x 74 x 256 h

Code: CUC03