Interior Design Service

2Coming together is a beginning,
keeping together is progress,
working together means success.”

(Henry Ford)

We design interiors in which we would like to live, focusing the attention on man and his well-being for an experience of daily pleasure.

We plan to excite. Every day we produce taylor-made for our partners. Thanks to the wide collections there is the possibility of modifying the products already in the catalog, as well as exploiting the know-how to create new ones while maintaining the Carpanelli identity. This is why every customer is sure to turn to a company that has an organized and competent design studio that offers an Interior Design and High Manufacturing service.


In the catalog you will find the standard production proposals and the reference prices in the price list. For personalization, Carpanelli makes available its technical office and a huge range of materials.

But what does it mean to build a custom made furniture?
Modify the furniture according to different levels of customization:
– Finishing: a lighter customization that only concerns the color tone of the used essence
– Material: choices of essences of natural or dyed veneers
– Size: change the size of the complement
– Design: a completely personalized element on the tastes of the most prestigious and demanding customers.

The Carpanelli staff will guide the client towards the identification of the final object: from an idea to the finished piece.
These customizations will require different design efforts, so the price from the price list will no longer be valid, but from time to time the sales department will provide an ad hoc quotation.