Beautiful and Well Done

The true distinctive element of Made in Italy is not only the fact that a product is made in Italy, but above all it has that talent of creativity that makes Italian products unique and appreciated all over the world.

This is why Carpanelli reinvents itself every year, trying to interpret the furnishing trends to offer a total look inspired by the most refined Italian Style of Life, famous all over the world.

Carpanelli tries to differentiate the proposals with the originality and elegance that characterizes the Made in Italy creating a product so called beautiful and well done, embellished with elegant high cabinetmaking techniques.


Italian art and architecture in our DNA

Italian elegance is rooted in art and architecture that for centuries have embellished Italian cities and culture.

These arts have always been an inspiration for the company. The new creations interpret the change of time expressing, in new products, an aesthetic design innovation by combining good taste, elegance and preciousness.


The furniture district of Brianza counts the highest concentration in the world of luxury furniture companies.

In this place were born great excellences, manual skills and specializations on every particular type of processing of the high-end furniture sector.

Everything revolves around the excellence and the well-made, that of the carpenter, the inlayer or the upholsterer: the perfect location to find everything necessary to create a project of interior unique in the world.

This story starts at the beginning of the 19th century, when in the countryside of Brianza, wood processing began to spread, to integrate the poor income of agriculture, some families began to produce furniture and accessories for the homes of French nobles.

Following the French occupation that had facilitated the commercial and cultural exchange between Paris, at the time international furniture capital, and Brianza, the most skilled artisans, definitively abandoned the work of the fields, dedicating themselves to the artistic production of fine furniture, still active and worldwide reference point.

Precisely with the establishment of the viceroy of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy at the Villa Reale of Monza, the best craftsmen of the area were called to lend their services to the luxurious interiors of the villa.

In this period the tradition of luxury furniture was born.
Tradition that is still strong today and that we export all over the world.