Carpanelli produces modern cabinet-making furniture reinterpreting tradition in an innovative way.

Carpanelli is an “evergreen” company that recalls memory and tradition by interpreting it in an innovative way. It stands out for the recognizability of its design and for the high cabinet-making workmanship. It expresses its creative identity through a path of constant research and experimentation which aims to satisfy the needs of the most demanding international customers. Our stylistic proposal synthesizes a balance between refined elegance and emotional impact. The concept of luxury is interpreted as the ability to create customized furnishing solutions that enhance our artisan quality and attention to detail.

104 years,
3 generations

A century of history for the Carpanelli family in which each generation has interpreted the world of furniture with passion and creativity, distinguishing itself for the uniqueness of the style and the quality of a “Bello e Ben Fatto” product. The trust and satisfaction of customers who have followed us for 104 years are the best guarantee of quality and professionalism for all customers of today and tomorrow.


Giuseppe Carpanelli was a talented cabinetmaker and a great interpreter of the marquetry “Maggiolini”. In 1919 he established the company.


The sons, Luigi, Clementina and Leopoldo, in the second generation, have enhanced what their father has done, bringing Carpanelli to be one of the most recognized and appreciated companies in the panorama of classic Italian furniture.

Luigi Carpanelli, manager of the company’s production soul in the period of transformation from a small artisan reality to an industrial reality.

Clementina Carpanelli, the commercial soul of the company in the second generation, one of the first women with a leading role in the Italian furniture industry.

Leopoldo Carpanelli, creative soul of the company in the second generation, artistic talent that has been able to create furniture collections characterized by a unique style.


The third generation with Giuseppe, Angelo and Daniele has taken up the baton by facing a path of awareness and updating of its corporate identity, monitoring the continuous changes in the market, adapting to new customer needs. The biggest challenge was to propose products in line with market trends, remaining faithful to its corporate DNA.
These are our challenges every day, and thanks to them we can grow and get impulses to give our best. Today Carpanelli renews its offer and sales strategies to approach new customers and new purchasing dynamics.